A belt can be a highly practical and fashionable accessory. For it to have a supportive effect on your pants, you will need to find a belt that fits your body type. Our lineup of premium leather belts offers multiple belt sizes. Watch our helpful guide on how to size a belt and compare your size with our belt size chart.

Size Chart - Men’s Belt Sizes

Our belt size chart gives you a clear overview of the different sizes for ECCO® belts, allowing you to add a sophisticated addition to your outfit. This size chart only applies to our own belts. We present you with a clear overview of both sizes in inches and centimeters.

Quick guide - How to size a belt

When finding the ideal belt size, there are a few considerations that you need to make. A belt should not only fit around your waist, but you should also consider the added size from your trousers. Whether you are tucking in your shirt can make a difference. Your belt size should match your needs. How do you size a belt correctly? Don't worry, we present you with three great options for determining your belt size.

A simple way to determine your belt size is to add 5cm / 2 inches to your pant size. This works best for pants worn at your natural waistline. Add more if you are wearing low-rise pants or jeans.

Another way to measure your body for the optimal belt size is to insert a tape measure through the belt loops of your pants or jeans while standing in a relaxed position. The tape measure should be snug and then round up to the nearest inch or centimeter. Choose the belt size closest to this measurement.

A third way is to simply measure an already owned belt that fits you well. You should measure the entire leather piece and find the belt size that is closest to its size. Furthermore, you can measure the width of your old favourite belt to find a new one that matches your preferences and pants. 

Our leather belts will stretch a little so keep in mind if a belt is a little tight initially it will stretch with wear. Explore our selection of luxurious and long-lasting men's belts made from premium leather in our very own tanneries.