Whether you have recently picked up an interest in hiking or you are looking for a new pair of boots or shoes for your outdoor adventures, it can be difficult to find the perfect footwear for your needs. Do you go for durable hiking boots, light hiking shoes, or even trail running shoes?

In this guide, we provide you with an overview of the unique benefits of each alternative to help you make the right choice for your needs and preferences when exploring the wonderful outdoors.

Trail running shoes vs. hiking shoes and boots

The great debate of trail running shoes vs. hiking shoes or boots all comes down to personal taste. We will walk you through some of the key benefits of each type.

Trail running shoes

Trail running shoes, as the name suggests, are designed for trail runners who love to feel the dirt, rocks, or mud underneath their feet while being surrounded by nature. The shoes include features that support the wearing experience while moving at a rapid pace.

Trail running shoes offer a lighter and more flexible design compared to hiking shoes and boots. Still, they offer great durability, protection, support, and grip to make every point-of-contact feel as natural and comfortable as possible while maintaining speed.

Many hikers, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike have taken to trail running shoes for hiking purposes. If you want to travel light and fast on your hiking trips, then trail running shoes are a great fit for you.

Hiking boots

If your journey is long and harsh, then a pair of hiking boots are best suited for you. They protect your ankles and help preventing twisting them on your hike. Compared to the other alternatives, hiking boots offer supreme durability and better insulation to keep your feet safe, comfortable, and warm in colder climates.

Many hiking boots also offer waterproof features like Gore-Tex to keep your feet dry in the rain. However, if your boots do get wet, they will take a longer time to dry versus lighter shoes such as trail runners.

Hiking shoes

Hiking/trail shoes offer a great middle-of-the-road experience that includes a great mix of benefits. They normally provide many of the same benefits as hiking boots such as high durability and grip, while giving a lighter feeling - a bit like trail running shoes. With hiking shoes, you get a great mix of support, reduced weight, and durability as well as water-resisting properties.

Hiking shoes do not have the same ankle support as hiking boots and may be more vulnerable to water entering the shoes because of the lower-cut ankle. This type of hiking footwear is well suited for light rain and shorter hiking trips that last no longer than a day.

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