Are you a true sneakers lover? Do you wish to learn more about the latest trends in the rich world of footwear? Maybe you can discover something new that truly appeals to you? We guide you through some of the most interesting new trends in 2021.

The year 2021 brings back early 2000s nostalgia. Now it is no longer the ‘90s that rule. Colours are still very much welcomed on sneakers, and it is a great way to add some playfulness to your outfit. The retro look is still in. As well as the collaborations between high fashion Haute Couture brands and sneaker brands.

Another trend that has been waiting to make a big hit for the last couple of years is experimenting with rougher looking textures like suede and corduroy on sneakers.

High comfort and high practicality

Comfort still plays an important role in the world of sneakers. Here you can slip in a pair of trainers or lightweight sneakers with a mesh look. For men’s footwear, practicality is still a defining keyword for 2021. Sneakers with GORE-TEX® technology are a popular choice. If you prefer classical and lively colors or a sporty and retro look, 2021 will bring much more of what you love when it comes to sneakers. 


For the warmer seasons of the year, new trends appear. This year allows for smart, comfortable and light footwear that leaves plenty of room for letting your feet breathe. Whether it is sandals, slippers, or high heels, 2021 brings its own ideas. 

Sandals are no longer always simple in their design. Designers are playing with more details and patterned styles. Thick and big soles are the way to go for the latest trend for sandals. Platform shoes are not becoming any less popular in 2021.

Slip in some trendy slippers

Keeping it casual yet fashionable is a popular trend for slippers. Now you can comfortably wear your slippers out in public and still look like you mean business. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? 2021 is bringing a makeover to slippers so you can wear them outside of our home.

Strapped up is the way to go for your feet

Are you wishing for new high heels or plateau sandals? If you want to follow the latest trend, you should go for shoes with straps to wrap around your calves or ankles. A simple look is no longer enough as a bolder look with more straps is the new thing.

Let the colourful leather shoes shine

2021 brings new changes to how a leather shoe should look. This means that you no longer have to stick with classical colours like black and brown. Instead, you can go for more playful designs with multiple colours, just as we often see with sneakers. Try it out with leather shoes with laces or even sock-like slip-ons.

The bolder the color and the contrasts are, the better.

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