At face value, ECCO and The Last Conspiracy seem odd bedfellows. However, when you examine the reputation, values and ambitions of the two shoemakers, there are synergies and overlaps that contribute to a very fruitful and exciting relationship, with both sides willing to challenge the norm.

In the space of nine years, The Last Conspiracy has earned a reputation that is truly global. Their distinctive artisan footwear is a mix of modern off-beat and classic silhouettes, executed with Nordic minimalism and profound attention to detail.

CEO Zakkerey Anders Alexandar Larsen and Creative Director Emilie B. Cohrt speak avidly about the brand they have created. Indeed, their enthusiasm for new ideas, quality and experimentation is palpable. Even though The Last Conspiracy is sought out by customers who follow fashion, it's clear that the pair see themselves as shoemakers, first and foremost. And it is this honesty and simplicity of purpose that resonated with ECCO and kicked off a rewarding conversation.

"Our preconceptions about ECCO were both confirmed and changed. We have always been aware that ECCO had a reputation for quality because they own the entire production chain, including the tanneries. But we had no idea of how technologically advanced ECCO is."

Zakkerey Anders Alexandar Larsen Zakkerey Anders Alexandar Larsen, CEO

"We're both shoemakers and have much to offer each other. The Last Conspiracy is artisanal, sleek and minimalist. And ECCO has a very modern approach to shoemaking and has technology that makes comfort a feature. The collaboration offered the potential to combine our artisanal aesthetic with ECCO's comfort."

"People are much more aware of comfort nowadays. Consumers are far more discerning than they used to be, back in the day. It used to be just about looks, but now you can't sell a shoe that's not also comfortable. Sneakers and athletic shoes have exploded and are now translating into formal styles."

Emilie B. Cohrt Emilie B. Cohrt, Creative Director

"The ECCO platforms opened up the possibility to explore new avenues. We have to remember to play. The moment you stop experimenting with materials, silhouettes, concepts, visuals, you stagnate. And because ECCO has a unique range of techniques and leathers, we can play even more. Factor in ECCO's FLUIDFORM™ technology, it means we can support the foot perfectly and use lighter materials. It's a winning combination."

Living proof of this is that two of the first fruits of the relationship, based on the ECCO FLEXURE™, ECCO ST.1, ECCO EXOSTRIKE™ and ECCO FLOWT platforms, are such perennial favourites, they enjoy never-out-of-stock status.

It's clear that both brands look forward to playing more together in the future.