A raincoat for your feet

ECCO has collaborated with Norwegian Rain, the iconic tailored waterproof brand.
The result is a stunning, limited-edition collection of hybrid leather boots that plays to the strengths of both members of the team: supremely comfortable, minimalist, sleek, stylish and waterproof. Let's hope it rains soon.

You open the curtains in your Bergen residence and what do you see? Well, two days out of three, rain. Because this charming city on the west coast of Norway, gateway to the fjords, is the rainiest city in Europe. Damp is de facto. Soggy is the norm.

"This", as co-founder T-Michael and designer says, "calls for drastic sartorial decisions." Put another way, if you don't want to look like you're dressed in a plastic bin liner as you go about your daily life, you need a tailor that has access to some pretty remarkable fabric that keeps you 100% waterproof whilst preserving your sense of style.

This tailor and his business partner, Creative Director Alexander Helle, went on to create a brand that elevates the raincoat to new heights. Google it and you will be left in no doubt that this charismatic duo has created a worldwide waterproof niche. Using a stunning Japanese fabric with high-tech performance twists, Norwegian Rain has put the words 'stylish' and 'weatherproof' in the same sentence.


"The most beautiful, functional, sexy, waterproof shoe in the world. If you disagree, call me."


However, it's when Norwegian Rain set their sights below the ankle that they fell outside their comfort zone. They tried for seven years to make a waterproof boot work like one of their coats. And, by their own admission, failed.

Then, T-Michael spotted some posts on Instagram. When he saw the pictures of new ECCO shoes being shared, he updated his perception of the brand. And when he later found out about the revolutionary way ECCO makes shoes (using FLUIDFORM™ technology), he was convinced to join the team.

According to Helle, "When we came down here, we knew that ECCO had the world's best comfort and the quality was good. But we had no idea what was waiting for us. This kind of futuristic ecosystem of innovation is so far from what we expected. We started smiling because we had been trying for so long to make a shoe that would reflect the same thing as our coats, the highest waterproofness, breathability and comfort without compromising style. When we were here at ECCO looking at all this leather and shoe innovation we really understood that here we have the tools to achieve exactly what we want."


The limited-edition boots have been built upon the ST. 1 HYBRID platform and called upon the most progressive premium leathers developed in the brand's innovative gold-rated tanneries.

Not only that, these boots were made for walking. So they feature the ST.1 SHOCK-THRU cushioning core integrated beneath the heel.
A technology that delivers exceptional rebound and shock absorption. On the outside, a hard wearing TPU outsole is durable, flexible and comfortable.

The result? Well, according to T-Michael, "The most beautiful, functional, sexy, waterproof shoe in the world. If you disagree, call me."

This special collection is offered at select stores in Japan, Norway, France and England. Its arrival coincides with a wide variety of ST. 1 HYBRID styles from the global collection available from ECCO stores worldwide.