NEO NUDE - By ECCO Leather

Like you and me, leather is affected by the passage of time. The inevitable process of ageing is distinctive, noticeable and unique. Developed in our own tanneries, ECCO Leather's NEO NUDE leather is created with natural vegetable dyes and has been designed to make this visual transformation its reason to be.

It's transformed by the very life you lead. This metamorphosis is dramatically demonstrated in a collaboration between ECCO Leather's Open Circle Lab, digital platform IGNANT and South African artist Alexis Christodoulou, who created the series of digital art pieces you see here. Each scene represents a different atmosphere influencing the appearance of NEO NUDE. ECCO Leather's NEO NUDE leather begins life displaying a light, fresh and clean look, in colours reminiscent of the subtle colour palette of the desert. Then, the transformation begins. The leather naturally and individually starts to oxidise as it meets light and shade, changes in humidity and even the movement of the wind. Over time, a richer, darker colour and patina emerge.
It's as if ECCO Leather's NEO NUDE leather is telling the unique story of what it has experienced, which is beautiful to observe.

Neo Nude