Be an Outsider | ECCO® Shoes

ECCO Outdoor's brand ambassadors, Sean Conway and Lizzie Carr, travelled to Norway's remote Lofoten islands for a day of adrenaline and adventure.

Known as Outsiders, ECCO Outdoor's brand ambassadors have a maverick spirit and a yearning for adventure away from the city and the mainstream. Just like the team at ECCO Outdoor, they dare to be different and are happiest when treading their own path.

For Sean Conway and Lizzie Carr, that Outsider spirit and desire to explore the wild took them to Norway's remote Lofoten islands inside the Arctic Circle, where the landscape brings challenges as well as beauty. This pair of Outsiders — Conway is known for his feats of physical endurance, and Carr for her environmental activism on a paddleboard — flew in to Nusfjord, Norway's oldest fishing village, for a day of adventure. Making the experience even more exhilarating, Conway and Carr didn't know what to expect, with a series of tasks set by a team of Norwegian guides. After skimming and bouncing across the water in a high-powered RIB, they went swimming and paddleboarding for 5 kilometres up a near-freezing fjord, stopping halfway to forage for seaweed. Wearing the ECCO EXOSTRIKE™ and the ECCO SOFT 7 TRED, the Outsiders hiked to the top of a mountain pass where, with the photogenic Bunes beach below them, they tried to master the art of the hula hoop.

Carr has been a strong and articulate campaigner against plastic pollution, and the most unsettling part of her day was discovering how even the relatively untouched Bunes beach was littered with plastics. After going back over the mountain pass, Conway and Carr travelled by RIB to the base camp, where they lit a fire and cooked their foraged seaweed and the local specialty of dried cod, which they had earlier hammered into pieces.

Rounding off a day during which they had constantly been in awe of nature, the Outsiders were treated to a showing of the Northern lights.