ECCO Shape - Behind The Scenes

Versatility. Unparalleled comfort.
Now, the two are no longer mutually exclusive.
Kelsey Martinovich models the ECCO SHAPE SCULPTED MOTION.

It seems right and fitting to present a sculpted heel in a place known for showcasing the latest art and architecture.

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen was the ideal setting to capture the style and personality of the ECCO SHAPE SCULPTED MOTION. Not least because it features clean lines and beautiful floors that are perfect for a footwear shoot.

The feet belong to none other than the Australian model and photographer Kelsey Martinovich. Her beautiful heels are sculpted to the exacting standards of high-end couture. Yet, something that may be less apparent as she poses for the camera is that they are designed to be so comfortable they can be worn all day, every day.

ECCO SHAPE SCULPTED MOTION is created with versatility in mind. Perhaps you don't change your outfits as often during the day as Kelsey does, but if you did, you could wear the same shoe day and night. From departure lounge to art gallery opening to dinner with friends, you can feel comfortable and confident without compromising on striking good looks.

Behind the scenes at ECCO, artistry of a different kind goes into the ECCO SHAPE SCULPTED MOTION. Rich leathers from our own tanneries are fused seamlessly to an elegant new heel design in a choice of three heights, each formed to cradle and support the entire foot the way nature intended. This is made possible by our pioneering ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology, which provides a way of capturing and preserving the natural 360-degree contours of the foot and reproducing them discreetly within the shoe's interior to produce a uniquely comfortable fit and feel loaded with soft cushioning and shock absorption.

Perhaps this is one of the rare examples of modern sculpture that everyone is comfortable with.