Shoes That Defy the Dark

After extensive research and development, ECCO Leather has found a way to transform animal hides into highly futuristic, reflective materials that protect with prowess.

Out of the inky darkness, and without any warning, two small, piercingly bright circles appear: moonlight is bouncing and reflecting off an animal's eyes. You're in awe of how in a moment, those eyes are utterly transformed by the light shining directly at them.

With a reflective surface beneath the retinas of those eyes, torchlights, street- lamps, and cars' headlights have the same transformative effect: an instant glow. Then the moon goes behind a drifting cloud or the car turns a corner and, just as quickly as they had first appeared, those eyes vanish back into the gloom. Nature often inspires innova- tion at ECCO Leather, and those bright, brilliant eyes have led to the creation of FLASHGRAINTM technology, which powers ECCO SHINEBRIGHT Leather.

An experimental, progressive culture of constant innovation has seen ECCO Leather become one of the world's most advanced research and development facilities for the material. Using micro- scopic glass beads suspended within the pebbled 'valleys' of the leather, ECCO Leather found a way to reflect light directly back to its source, completely altering the look and functionality of anything made from the material. In the case of the ECCO SOFT 8, it's first application, it adds new style, edge an intrigue, almost as if the sneaker has a playful side that only comes out after dark.

During daylight hours, the shoe has a subtle, low-key appearance, with little to no hint of its capabilities. But expose ECCO SHINEBRIGHT Leather to moonlight, or to a vehicle's full-beam headlights, and you'll immediately see why it's emblematic of the company's passion for play. This passion is further exemplified by the opportunities for consumers to customise their shoes. As the upper part of the shoe changes under the light, you can also view the ECCO SHINEBRIGHT Leather as a symbol of the brand's hidden innovation, found in every design.

For all the smart technology within the material, a protective topcoat makes the leather more water repellent, as well as giving it additional gloss, and letting the natural character of the ECCO SHINEBRIGHT Leather 'shine through'. And that's true in all light, thanks to the pebble of the leather, which gives the shoe a more premium look and feel.

But be warned: if you go for a stroll at night in an ECCO SOFT 8 crafted from ECCO SHINEBRIGHT Leather, all eyes — animal and human — might be on you.